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Upon birth, all children need two things - love and braces. One is required immediately, the other delayed temporarily. Both ensure a lifetime of smiles!
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Beaver Office
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59 N. 400 East
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Individual and Family Orthodontic Services

in St. George, Beaver, and Kanab
Let us assist you and answer your questions

As a specialist who has been in the exclusive practice of orthodontics for many years, Dr. Prince can answer your questions about such things as:
  • "When is the right age to straighten teeth?”
  • “How damaging is a thumb sucking habit?”
  • "What is Invisalign?"
  • "Am I too old to consider orthodontic treatment?”
  • “Can I straighten my teeth with a retainer?”
  • "What about interceptive treatment?"
  • “How important is ‘fixing my bite'?”
  • “Why do my jaw joints hurt when I chew?”
Invisible Braces — Robert Prince, DDS, PC - Orthodontist in Saint George, UT
Teeth with Braces — Robert Prince, DDS, PC - Orthodontist in Saint George, UT
Teeth with Braces — Robert Prince, DDS, PC - Orthodontist in Saint George, UT
These and many other questions are commonly asked and they can mostly be answered during the first visit with Dr. Prince. The consultation is free (unless X-rays are unavoidably needed) and lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. At the conclusion of this examination, approximate fees can be discussed if the patient is interested to move forward. You will not be pressured to begin any services or treatment and you will find that Dr. Prince and his staff are truly available to help.

Dr. Prince will work with your family dentist in acquiring any information that may help in diagnosing the patient's problems and concerns. Housed in our office are our own X-ray and Retainer labs for convenient and quick service when needed. When appropriate, Dr. Prince also works with other dental and medical specialists to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

Should the patient elect to proceed with treatment, payment plans are available with no interest charged (except for past due balances). In general, orthodontic care is often covered in part by insurance plans and contracts are paid over the length of time that orthodontic treatment continues. Our office staff will be happy to address all financial arrangements and concerns prior to the beginning of treatment so there are no unwanted surprises.